About Me

Coen de GrootI am a freelance Python developer and trainer, with many years experience.

I help my clients make better use of their data, give their customers a better experience, live better locally and more sustainably, raise more money for charity, write better Python code and other worthwhile stuff.

For fun I write more Python code – for game jams, language learning and reproducing my favourite board games.

Over 30 years in IT I’ve worked with a lot of different clients and technologies.

My favourite language is Python. Its clean syntax allows me to concentrate on the task at hand, instead of struggling with the language.

My core skills are understanding clients’ needs, designing and creating solutions, solving problems, and efficient programming – especially in Python

  • For websites I use Django or Flask, with Javascript on the front end.
  • For databases I work with PostgreSQL and MySQL, directly or through SQLAlchemy.
  • For data analysis I use Pandas, numpy, Jupyter and MatPlotLib.
  • For demonstrations, games and other visual experiences I use pygame.

And I teach many of these, as a Python trainer for Learning Tree International, and video course creator for APress, a large IT publishing company.

For more information please see my cv or have a look at my portfolio